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Russell O’Neill

Russell O’Neill is the Head of School at EL Genesis Kindergarten and has been an administrator in schools around the world for the past 22 years. He is passionate about brain development and early learning in children and strongly believes that a close partnership needs to exist between the school and home in order to help children reach their full academic and social potential. As a father of 2 young sons, he knows the challenges and joy in raising children and the difficult choice that parents need to make when selecting the best school to help their children grow and develop into successful young adults. Project and Inquiry based learning is in his DNA and he is constantly striving to instill the love of learning in all those he is fortunate to work with.


Welcome to EL Genesis Kindergarten in Ningbo.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to EL Genesis Kindergarten. We look forward to working with you in partnership as we embark on the journey together of educating your child. We welcome all parents, friends, and community members who will also play a role in this important endeavour.

We are fortunate to have brand-new purpose-built facilities with a large outdoor playground and are located in the High Tech zone of Ningbo. Our outdoor spaces and learning experiences provide children with the opportunity to interact and appreciate nature.

Schools are a community of diverse people, and great schools attract passionate, experienced teachers to meet the learning needs of their community. EL Genesis teachers come from a variety of countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and China. They bring with them substantial early years and international teaching experience.

Our teachers are responsive to children’s unique abilities and intentionally plan for the individual learning needs of our children.

How can family’s partner with the school to promote a positive school experience for students?

●Show an interest in your child’s school learning experience. Read materials sent home throughout the school year. Check your child’s grades, school announcements, weekly updates and teacher emails.

●Get to know the people who guide your child’s learning. Join us at school events, especially our Parent Forums, Back to School Nights, Parent Information Sessions, Learning Journeys and other relevant events.

●Approach concerns in a positive but direct manner. If you have a question or concern, begin by contacting the teacher concerned.

●Ensure your child attends school daily unless for illness or other legitimate reasons.

●Ensure your child arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience every day.

●Ensure you child knows that you expect them to succeed in school and that you have confidence in their abilities and that of their teachers to help them achieve this.

Children who have a positive start to school are more likely to feel comfortable, valued, and have a strong, positive attitude towards lifelong learning. I believe that one thing that defines EL Genesis as a quality learning environment, is the desire to combine the best teachers with a responsive educational programme, in a caring learning environment.

EL Genesis encourages parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and learning through our school community.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about EL Genesis. I encourage you to contact us for a school visit soon!


 Head of School

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