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  Why did the Ningbo New Industrial area government specially invite EL Genesis Kindergarten to open in the city? Here's our story.

  Mr Larry Balli and Mr Micheal Dougherty are the founders of our first school in Shanghai - Shanghai Community International School. Mr. Balli has been a teacher and administrator in international schools since 1972, and is a former headmaster of Jakarta International School, one of the largest such schools in the world during his tenure. Mr. Dougherty has been a teacher and administrator in international schools since 1976, and was the founding headmaster of North Jakarta International School, which he headed for eleven years.

  Being passionate about China, they both decided to create a school that would truely reflect the essence of an international school, which they found lacking in 1995. Shanghai Community International School was founded in 1996 for the children of expatriates residing in Shanghai, China. SCIS is a member of the East Asian Regional Conference of Overseas Schools and in 2001 received full accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

  Hangzhou International School (2002), the International School of Perth (1999) and the American International School of Cape Town (2001) were all established under the NJIS education group.

  In 2018, the Ningbo government invited NJIS to open a premium kindergarten in the city. This is after local officials found the NJIS group of schools to be of an exceptionally high quality and also because both Shanghai Community International School and Hangzhou International School have become reknowned for being top international schools.

  After extensive market research and feasibility analysis, NJIS officially accepted the offer and made plans to establish EL Genesis. Falling in love with a beautiful piece of land surrounded by nature, NJIS group purchased the plot and began preparations for the project.

  On 30th June 2019,construction officially began.EL Genesis Kindergarten officially opened on 10th Oct 2020.

  And the story continues....

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